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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you need keys to my house?

  •  Yes, I will either need a key, a code or you can specify another option

How do I make payments?

  •  Payments can be made with cash or check.  Payments can be made at the beginning or end the services rendered. 

What are biobags?

  • I use biobags to pick up after your pet.  These bags are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.  Biobags biodegrade when in compost environments after 45 days and are environmentally friendly.

Do you walk all dogs?

  • I do not discriminate against any animal.  I am happy to help and work through any issues you are having with your pet.  As a certified dog walker, I can gain your dogs respect and can help limit undesireable outbursts by controlling your dogs surroundings and rewarding appropriate behavior.  I will recommend the number of walks per week that I feel necessary to gain control of your dogs behavior.

Do you train dogs?

  • I am a Certified Professional Dog Walker.  I have  basic training skills and knowledge to ensure your dogs safety and well being while in my care.  I will refer you to a dog trainer for all behavior issues and will be happy to attend the training session to ensure consistency in correcting your dogs issue.

Service Questions

Are there a minimum number of walks required per week?

  • No, however a tired dog is a good dog.  So when it comes to exercise, more exercise is better and you will benefit from your pets improved behavior.

Do you offer services for pets other than dogs?

  • Yes, absolutely.  I am happy to help with any household pet.  Rates are the same as those for dogs.

Can you administer medication?

  • Yes, I can administer any mediation during the visit.   I need specific instructions from the owner at the initial meet and greet to ensure your pet receives the proper dosage.

Will you stay overnight with my dog?

  • Yes, I will stay in your home and "fill in" for you in your absence.     See Rates and Services.

If I schedule an half-hour walk, when do you start counting the 30 minutes with my pet?

  • The clock starts when I arrive at your door.  The time to leash your dog and/or dry them off after our walk is included in the requested time with your pet.

Scheduling Questions

What is a regular schedule?

  • After the initial meet and greet we will discuss a schedule for your pet.   At that time you may decide to keep the same schedule each week, or if your schedule changes frequently, you can call, text or email your request to me.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • 24 hour notice is required.   Failure to give notice will result in being charged for the service.  The time slot was reserved and I am unable to fill on less than 24 hour notice.  

How do I schedule walks?

  • You can schedule a walk by phone, email or text message.    I make every attempt to confirm visits with your prior to our scheduled time.

Do you work on weekends and holidays?

  • Yes, I am available for a walk at all times, and all days of the year.  

Insurance Questions

What type of insurance for you have?

  • Walking the Dog Pet Services is covered by Pet Sitters Association, LLC Insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

  • The insurance covers any accident that may occur while your dog is in my care up to an including dog bites, veterinary care, property damage and lost keys.  I will take care of your dog no matter what.