Fun for your dog!

One-on-one attention


Improved behavior

Weight loss

A tired dog!

Less stress for pet owner


Potty Breaks

Dog Walking


Phone:  231.632.7297



Potty Breaks


$25.00 per visit

$5.00 for each additional dog

If your pet simply needs a potty break during a long work day, I can stop by so your pet doesn't have to cross his legs all day!  

There is plenty of time for a quick stroll and a little doggie love.  I can assure that you will not come home to any "surprises".

Dog Walk


$30.00    30 minute walk or run

$35.00    45 minute walk or run

$40.00    60 minute walk or run

$5.00 extra for each additional dog per visit

These outings are are a great choice to get your dog some exercise, a chance to go potty, plus companionship while you are away.

Some dogs need a brisk walk during the middle of the day, while running is recommended for dogs who need to burn off energy or excess calories.

Once I am comfortable with your dogs' recall, I will take your dog off leash, to nature a nature park, dog park or the beach, allowing for plenty of time to socialize with other dogs.